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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Raiders 5-0

Wish I had been there in person like my good buddy Don, because that was sure some exciting ballgame in Lincoln today! Texas Tech makes a remarkable comeback after blowing a 21-0 lead and wins with a TD pass with 14 seconds left to defeat Nebraska. Two fourth down conversions (including the TD pass) and the wackiest turnover-turnover within the last minute or so where Tech had a pass tipped, a defensive lineman intercepts only to have the ball stripped from him and recovered by Texas Tech. Wow, this was definitely the college game of the day as far as I'm concerned.

It looked for a while like both offenses would try to give the game away in the second half. Tech kicked to Nebraska who promptly turned it over TWICE in the first three minutes of the second half deep on their own end. Tech should have driven a stake through the heart of the black shirts at that point, but Nebraska forced two field goals and kept their team in it. Tech had a crucial turnover in the fourth that let Nebraska go ahead. Cody is tough as nails, but he has got to learn when time has run out in the pocket and the ball should just be chunked out of bounds.

If Tech keeps their wits about them next week, they could be headed down to Austin to face Texas undefeated in a monumental showdown. But first...Kansas State!

A&M does not impress this year, which is surprising. I thought coach Fran would have them better than this. OU is down, but still dangerous. Both of those games are in Lubbock. SO....if we could get out of Austin with a win somehow, LOOK OUT.



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